Issue Date: 2019 JANUARY, Posted On: 1/26/2019

01262019 F.J. Kashanian Opens First Las Vegas Showroom; Attributes Growth to Unique Design
By Carol Tisch

Jonathan Kashanian, VP of F.J. Kashanian, will premiere his company's fashion-forward collections at Las Vegas Market. 

LAS VEGAS -- F.J. Kashanian will be presenting its rugs for the first time at Las Vegas Market, with the opening today of the fifth generation legacy company's inaugural permanent showroom in Building C (C-392) at World Market Center.

The company, which moved in Sept. 2018 from Secaucus, New Jersey to a new office and warehouse in Plainview, New York has been growing its business with brick and mortar and online retailers and designers which required more warehouse space," said Jonathan Kashanian, vice president, in an exclusive RugNews.com interview.
"We're lucky that business has been so strong, we needed to increase our warehouse by 50 percent. We also increased our trade show presence just this past summer, opening a new showroom in at AmericasMart Atlanta on the third floor right near the elevator. It was very successful for us. They gave us a really good space. At the January rug show in Atlanta, we introduced a new wall display, so we were very excited about that and New York Now coming up the first week in February, and High Point Market where we show at the Suites at Market Square," Kashanian said.

One of a kind overdyed rugs with trend-leading colors have been a signature look for F.J. Kashanian.

It was recent changes at Las Vegas Market that influenced Kashanian's decision to take a permanent space here. "Typically Las Vegas used to have a reputation for more lower-end goods like machine-made and tufted, but we've been noticing that a lot of our good clients that we saw in Atlanta and High Point started going to Vegas. So to be sure that we stay in front of those clients,  and keep our footprint in all important buying centers, we found a small space to help us increaseour West Coast representation. We're testing the waters and will see how it goes."

Traditional gets reworked by F.J Kashanian in this on-point vintage overdyed classic.

And to be sure it makes the right impression with this new target market, F.J. Kashanian will launch a new collection specifically designed with West Coast shoppers in mind. It's going to be a surprise - more contemporary, not as colorful as most of our collections.  We are just increasing the more subtle tonal contemporary in addition to what we are known for. We're studying the market, and learning as we go."

Gilda Kashanian, lead designer and Jonathan Kashanian, vice president, at the 2018 ribbon cutting for their AmericasMart showroom in Atlanta.

Indeed, the company is known for what Kashanian calls "new age modern traditional or bright-color transitional" and the company has earned a reputation for its unique designs and color palettes created by Gilda Kashanian, the lead designer for F.J. Kashanian Rugs, and Jonathan's mom. Her talent for updating the patterns of classic Persian and Agra rugs, and injecting them with modern colors and liveliness attracts designers for both contemporary and traditional interiors. 

Boho style reigns in the Adventure Multi rug from F.J. Kashanian's Sari Wool collection.

Asked why trade shows and markets are integral to the company's growth, Kashanian said they are a source of new customers, as well as an important venue to meet with existing customers. "Customers shopping markets are looking for newness. We don't treat trade shows as a means to sell off leftovers. The customer we attract wants to buy new and fresh."

"Because we are more of a boutique company our newness and our constant innovation are our winning cards. So shows have been the best way to present ourselves. We don't have reps. We don't go door to door or do consignment. So if someone likes our style, our colors, we often suggest the best price and the best quality. The clients we see at shows are serious. They come and they want to buy."

Firouz Kashanian (second left), on a buying trip in Pakistan.

Behind the scenes is Kashanian's father, company president Firouz Kashanian, who handles production, operations and works closely with weavers overseas. "My dad actually started in Iran, and moved to Europe during the revolution in 1979. "Our main business was started by his father in Tehran - that was exporting to Europe. So their designs always had a European influence and we had a facility in Hamburg, Germany. My grandfather was the creator of everything - the main foundation of what we are today. He was very well known and well respected. He knew everything -- color, design taste, and tactical logistics."

"My dad inherited his father's extremely dedicated work ethic. We never say no to customers. We want our customers to be happy, and our employees have to be happy. And we strive to give the best price for the best quality."

This cherished family photo taken in Meshed, Iran, in 1926, shows Jonathan Kashanian's  grandfather, Abdul Karim Kashanian (standing top right) with his brothers and his father. 

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