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01252019 Dynamic Rugs Turns 25, Kicks off 2019 with Unprecedented New Product Debut & Revamped Vegas Showroom
By Lisa Vincenti

Dynamic Rugs debuts the largest assortment of new area rugs in celebration of its 25th year in business offering a broad selection of trend-driven designs, including Blossom, shown.

LAS VEGAS -- Dynamic Rugs, which celebrates 25 years in business this year, will introduce a historic level of new collections at its just renovated Las Vegas showroom, during the upcoming market, running Jan. 27-31.

About 10 new collections, in both handmade and machine-made qualities, will be showcased and include a number of trends identified by Dynamic Rugs."This is our largest rollout of new collections at a market in our history!" Anoosha Rouhanian said. "It is in honor of our 25th anniversary and the growth we've experienced thanks to our customers. And in a way, it's a tribute to our customers -- we've taken feedback from all of them and didn't want to deny anyone anything. So this large variety of collections is to make sure our customers know we not only hear them, but we listen to them."

The latest designs include several new features such as fresh textures, structured looks, new yarns (such as a brand new soft microfiber), and also blending yarns in novel techniques. In addition, Dynamic Rugs develops fresh ways of mixing fashion colors with trending designs and neutrals."

Dynamic Rugs debuts its first microfiber collection called Serendipity (shown, design 8740) at Vegas market.

The company is also observing its anniversary with a special pledge and program developed with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (read full story) and customers can stop by Dynamic Rugs' World Market Showroom, A-432, and pick up a commemorative St. Jude-Dynamic Rugs wristband.

"We've done our best to cover all the bases. We've taken our customers' feedback and not only brought what they wanted, but took it a step further by doing market research to predict where the trends will go and what they will be asking for in the future so that we're ready for them when they do. And our customers are always asking for 'newness' and 'freshness' -- so what better way to give that to them than by giving them a plethora of new, trendy, and timeless collections to choose from?"


The new hand-woven wool Cleveland collection features a sought after sweater-knit type texture.

The "casual chic" look continues to appeal to buyers and Dynamic Rugs offers several collections that feature sweater-knit type of texture, including Cleveland, Liberty, Zest, Summit and Celestial collections.

Just right textures also remain in the mix and the Frederick, Maryland, rug importer continues to offer high-low textured designs. "But it has to be done right," Rouhanian explained. "We noticed that if the high deviates too far from the low, the customer doesn't respond well. It has to executed properly and strategically placed in the design." She points to the Dynamic Rugs' new Celestial collection as an example. The range features three distinct types of texture (one pebble-like, a sweater-knit type and woven, smooth texture) in one rug.

The soft and plush Bali collection features contemporary floral patterns in delicate color combinations.

Buyers can also look forward to seeing a selection of contemporary florals that feature bold patterns as part of the new Blossom and Bali collections. And fashion color accents, like lavender and blush warming up neutral toned rugs, will also be on display in Vegas. "Colors have to be done in a subtle and non-overbearing way so that they don't make decorating difficult. For instance, our award-winning Quartz, which is a consistently well-selling collection for us, has new designs which beautifully incorporate blush and lavender brushstroke accents amongst gorgeous, bold floral pattern and design-work."


Dynamic Rugs's Eternal has a lustrous sheen and short fringed edges with distressed patterns that are crafted of 100 percent space-dyed viscose in modern colors. Shown, 9667

In addition, Dynamic Rugs in the past five to six years has ratcheted up its selection of area rugs featuring innovative weaves, constructions and/or fibers. In fact, the company prides itself on being ahead of the curve in this area of the business as well.

"We've brought on some new collections that use a space-dying technique on the viscose fiber," Anoosha explained, pointing to the Eternal collection as an example. "Since viscose already has a gorgeous sheen to it, the space-dying effect adds an elegant, seamless flow of captivating color to the pile."

Dynamic Rugs's Dynasty collection, shown design 7411, features a unique hand-tufted over top a printed wool rug.

In addition, the company uses a special type of shrink polyester yarn that work in conjunction with the heat-setting process technique for a wool feel and look.

Even Dynamic Rugs' handmade collections area being injected with modern techniques to create updated looks. For examples, the Liberty collection manages to subtly incorporate a "pom-pom" texture on a flatweave seamlessly transitioning from low to high.


Featuring a super dense design, Dynamic Rugs' Ruby, crafted of a blend of viscose and shrink acrylic, reworks classic Persian motifs.

Dynamic Rugs also offers plenty of new designs that marry classic Persian design with a modern twist. It's ultra-dense Ruby collection, for instance, reworks traditional designs with a standard pile height but an amped up density of 2 million points and shortened fringe length. In addition, the company adds fashion colors (such as blue and gold) into a tactful palette of timeless grays and beiges and with a subtle high-low texture.


At Dynamic Rugs' renovated Vegas showroom, shoppers can check out the silky and soft Leda collection of 100 viscose fiber rugs. Shown, Leda 9864

For winter shoppers the company has renovated its showroom to allow it to display more rugs in a brighter and more open setting. "We've knocked down walls and made more efficient use of the space we have so that we can fit more racks," Rouhanian explained. "We've also gotten some new rack systems that will help us display more rugs."

Dynamic Rugs debuts the largest assortment of new area rugs in celebration of its 25th year in business offering a broad selection of trend-driven designs, including Icon. Shown, 9320

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