Issue Date: 2019 JULY, Posted On: 7/20/2019

07202019 10 Celestial Rugs to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing
By RugNews.com Editors

Lunar looks have inspired countless designs and experienced a recent renaissance in area rug roll outs. Shown, Christopher Guy by Nourison's CGS21 Noir rug layers white silk with deep noir to create a three dimensional look that echos the night sky.

EDITORS' PICKS -- Rug makers have been honoring the moon in their textural and abstract designs since these trends began several years ago, and RugNews.com pays homage to the Moon Landing 50 years ago with 10 of our favorites. 
On July 20, 1969, the world watched when Apollo 11 landed, and Neil Armstrong took his first steps on the moon. Today the world celebrates again as we dream of recreating this historic event within the next five years -- and this time with a woman as part of the mission.
The woven artistry of the following rugs in RugNews.com's photo essay captures the spirit and continuing influence of the waxing and waning of the moon.
1. Orbit the moon with this heavenly hand-knotted area rug by Art Resources.
2. Blast off with the Space Crafted collection's Space 10 rug by Jan Kath
3. Moon Island is from the Moonlight collection by Juan Montoya for Stepevi.
4. Dream of space travel with Nourison's Twilight collection's romantic Moon rug.
5. Be inspired by the elegant wool and silk CGS21 Noir by Nourison for Christopher Guy.
6. Sink your feet in the lunar surface of Jan Kath's Space Crafted collection's Space 1 area rug.
7. Designer Juan Montoya creates an otherworldly look with the Moon Rocks rug for Stepevi.
8. Rug maker Woven Concepts named each rug in the Odyssey collection after an astronaut, this one for Buzz Aldrin. 
9. The Armstrong rug by Woven Concepts honors Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong.
10. Nourison's Odyssey rug is a lunar floorscape loom-woven of wool and Luxcelle. 

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