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05182018 Jaipur Living Capsule Line Partner Zoe Bios Talks about Jump into Rugs
Lisa Vincenti

Based on original art by Zoe Bios Creative, the Wabi Sabi capsule collection from Zoe Bios for Jaipur Living features hand-knotted abstract looks.

HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Zoe Bios Creative, a young L.A. based art collective, debuted its inaugural area rug capsule collection for Jaipur Living at the rug company's launch party during the Spring High Point Market.

One of two such collaborations introduced by Jaipur Living during at the April show -- the other from Pollack, the product collaboration tests waters for both designers and maker. It also offers fans of Zoe Bios, which includes retailers such as West Elm, another way to experience their work.

Zoe Bios Creative founders Caitlin Dinkin, left, and Minh Nguyen take their original art to the floor in a collaboration with Jaipur Living.

Founded in 2011 by artists-entrepreneurs, Minh Nguyen and Caitlin Dinkins, Zoe Bios serves as an art resource to the interior design community, offering a limited edition ZBC House collection of contemporary artworks and a range of works created by an expanding troupe of represented artists.

RugNews.com sits down with Caitlin Dinkins to find out more about the partnership with Jaipur Living.

Tell us a bit about your and Minh's backgrounds.

CD: We have been in business for seven years and create limited edition artworks as well as represent 25 artists. I have an MFA from Cranbrook and was the creative director and illustrator for Stila Cosmetics for 10 years. Minh has a BS in Chemistry from the University of Florida and was the managing director of Natural Curiosities for four years.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

CD: We are inspired by our town of Los Angeles, by fashion, nature, friends, travel ... everything.

How did this collaboration with Jaipur come about?

CD: Li Kurczewski, the creative director of Jaipur Living, was a client and friend from her work at California retailer HD Buttercup and before that ABC Home & Carpet. She felt we would be a natural fit for this project and she tapped us to go to India to explore the possibilities -- which we were more than happy to accommodate!

What were the design parameters you had to work with?

CD: We were really given free rein to design and just worked from paintings, and offered up our preference of materials (wool and bamboo silk) in the traditional craft form of Tibetan hand-knot.

From the Wabi Sabi collection by Jaipur Living, Mignonne, based on original art from Zoe Bios Creative, pairs delicate blush and neutral tones with a stream motif of lustrous metallic copper. 

How, if at all, are the designs related to art and your work at ZBC?

CD: The rugs are exact paintings from our repertoire here at ZBC. They translated beautifully because of the organic forms and colors.

What are some of the differences you noticed designing area rugs as opposed to art work?

CD: The design was not affected. The colors and textures were a perfect fit for the floor.

How many area rug designs in your capsule collection? What color options and sizes are available?

CD: "There are two "Art Rugs" in the Wabi Sabi collection, both of which are based on ZBC art. Mignonne is an abstract expression of delicate blush and neutral tones with a stream motif of lustrous metallic copper crafted of viscose to lend it a subtle sheen that contrasts with soft wool. And, Gavaughn, also an abstract design, but with a bold texture and extraordinary shifting tones of slate gray and gold. It is a Tibetan hand-knot made of wool.

From the Zoe Bios capsule collection by Jaipur Living, Gavaughn, above and detailed below, debuted at High Point and features a bold texture and shifting tones.

How was the response to the capsule collection?

CD: The response was great! The rugs were introduced at Spring High Point Market along with a collection by Pollock.

Do you have a favorite?

CD: We love them both equally. They are exquisite for different reasons.

What's next for Zoe Bios Creative ?

CD: We hope to add to the Jaipur collection and recently launched two hand-loomed rugs for West Elm as part of a surface capsule collection that includes the rugs, pillows and bedding. We love designing rugs! It's a passion.

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