Issue Date: 2019 JUNE, Posted On: 6/10/2019

06072019 Tarkett Introduces Tatami System, Taking Cut-and-Sew Broadloom Rugs to the Next Level

A new Tatami System from Tarkett wins a Best of NeoCon Gold Award for its reconfigurable cut and sew rugs arranged to create the look of Japanese Tatami for the modern workplace.

CHICAGO -- Tarkett earned the Best of NeoCon Gold Award in flooring this week for a new category of floor covering called Tatami System. The company also introduced eight new collections including collaborations with big name designers Jhane Barnes, and  Brad Sherman and Nina Etnier of Float Studio. 

The company also launched Lino Wall, a unique wall treatment at its showroom, Suite 380 in the Chicago Mart.
'Together by Design' are Tarkett designers and collaborators, from left: Suzanne Tick and Terry Mowers of Tarkett, Nina Etnier of Float Studio, Jhane Barnes, and Brad Sherman, Float Studio. 
New Tatami System
Tarkett introduces a new category of flooring, upending conventional broadloom, with the Tatami System line. Inspired by traditional Japanese tatami floor mats, the system supports the constantly fluid, open and collaborative spaces of the modern workplace.
It allows end users to reconfigure their spaces to support independent or collaborative work, while softening acoustics and providing comfort underfoot and a cozy, home-like atmosphere.
The Tatami system takes cut and sew rugs to the next level with multiple surface choices above, and innovative installation method shown below.
Like cut-and-sew rugs so popular in the residential floor covering market, the Tatami System provides the look and feel of broadloom carpet without a fixed, costly permanent installation. For the workplace, it does away with the unsightly seems of carpet tiles.
Tatami System consists of four modules: a 6'square, a 6'x12' rectangle, a 12' square and a 12'x24' rectangle.  A wide variety of textures, colors and patterns allows for customization and creativity within the space.
An innovative connection solution allows for Modules to be firmly held together as one configured unit, adding lateral strength and stability. When the need arises, re-configuration can be easily achieved, as the connection solution is releaseable, and requires no attachment to the sub-floor. Because modules can be reused, they extend the life cycle of traditional broadloom floor coverings by three times, the company says.
Additional Tarkett Introductions
Tarkett's LinoWall is natural, versatile and sustainable. The only linoleum approved for use on walls, LinoWall opens up myriad coordinated design possibilities, connecting color and texture on every plane of the design. This distinctive collection blends pattern and color to create innovative wall treatments.
Interleave from Jhane Barnes: Modular Carpet with coordinating LVT, Mindset
Interleave from fashion designer Jhane Barnes is inspired by the gentle arc of ocean waves, and their peaceful rhythm and soothing repetition. Mathematicians call them sines curves described by the equation (y = a sin x). In this NeoCon introduction, the curves bring visual appeal and serenity to a space.  
Composition Series from Suzanne Tick: Modular Carpet with coordinating LVT, Meshwork
Using modern technologies and innovative yarn placements, the Composition Series is a layered expression of both natural and man-made materials. Three unique styles - Raised, Braided and Enlaced - foster a calming environment. The simplified palette is reminiscent of handmade ceramics, with a refined mélange of color and matte-like finishes that promote a peaceful atmosphere. 
Drop Cloth LVT from Float Studio
Tarkett's latest collaboration with Brad Sherman and Nina Etnier of Float Studio creates a backdrop of creative energy, using state-of-the-art digital printing technology to bring their artistic vision to life. Inspired by their favorite textiles, which feature unexpected color combinations, Brad and Nina created a palette that appears neutral at first, but has unexpected pops of color to help support more dynamic use of color throughout a space. Drop Cloth's combination of pattern and color allows a layering similar to a terrazzo floor, without feeling faux. 

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