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07282019 Las Vegas Market Rug Exhibitors Talk Strategies, Expectations
By Carol Tisch & Lisa Vincenti

RugNews.com queries key area rug exhibitors for Part 2 of our exclusive summer market business story. Pictured, the Tropicals trend exemplified in the Marina collection by Liora Manne.

LAS VEGAS -- With Las Vegas Market now the preferred summer show for most area rug companies, exhibitors have high expectations that this week's edition will set the momentum for a positive fall season and an upbeat 2019 second half.
Rug exhibitors come to market with luring discounts and events, designs that have never been seen before, and innovations that belie price points.  They're also expecting a migration of customers to Vegas from other shows -- among them New York Home Textiles and Atlanta.  Citing tightened retail travel budgets and an ever-growing Vegas attendance by channels from big box stores to designer showrooms, area rug companies are more bullish on Vegas than ever before.
For Part 2 of our summer market business series, RugNews.com adds viewpoints from most key rug brands who did not participate in Atlanta Market.  Make sure you also read RugNews.com' Summer 2019 Rug Report Part 1 where many interviewed in Atlanta are now onsite at their Vegas showrooms. 

Couristan's digitally printed Pasha collection debuts with classic designs like Lola.

"There has been an uptick in traffic in regard to attendance at summer market in Vegas," said Larry Mahurter, vice president of  marketing and advertising, Couristan. "Obviously in Las Vegas we see many of our Western accounts and I am happy to report that we have booked appointments with many of our significant distribution channels."
"As a company we have concentrated on improving our online content to enhance the shopping experiences of consumers shopping online. And, we have also answered the call from our brick and mortar accounts by designating products -- based on looks, constructions and price points -- just for them."                   

Dynamic Rugs expands the best-selling Quartz collection.

"We are expecting this summer market to be our best yet," said Anoosha Rouhanian, corporate counsel, business development, Dynamic Rugs. "We expect buyers to be interested in several niche areas, such as the continuing trend of Danish "Hygge" or comfort and coziness and the Swedish "Lagom" sensibility of elegance in simplicity. 

"We are always making our best effort to stay on the cutting edge of what is currently being popularized around the home décor community. However, we put our greatest effort towards ensuring that the next wave of trend setting colors, designs and combinations of the two are well within our offering."

Rouhanian noted that the company is now poised to share its seasonal items with new regional vendors. "This will enable the sale of scatter and indoor/outdoor rugs year-round and bring another element of the floor-covering market under wing -- small insights like these have led to dramatic effect on sales so far this year, and we intend to maintain that momentum."

Feizy scores with tribal looks in the Beckett collection, handwoven of PET yarn.

Feizy, which reported a double digit increase for the first half of 2019 is also hoping to continue its forward momentum. "We are seeing strengths across most constructions and not just seasonal or outdoor type products," explained Mike Riley, president, noting that the company's machine-made intros are a response to "a market shift with better machine-mades eating into the tufted business at retail."
Feizy plays up its design strength and technical innovations with trend vignettes throughout its Las Vegas showroom, focusing on its design team's proprietary research, which has identified Luxe Rivival, Global Nomad and Crafted as key trends illustrated by new collections that span style and price spectrums -- including its popular One of a Kind program.


Harounian Rugs International (HRI) showcases its Wesley Mancini licensed program.

"Las Vegas has outperformed for us market-to-market for the past several years," said Greg Jordt, Harounian Rugs International (HRI). There's no reason for us to expect not to have an increase over last summer. It's just become a very strong market -- it is amazing how many accounts are going to that market from the Midwest and the East."

Jordt said HRI is introducing a new performance brand called Outdoor Heirlooms in Vegas. "On top of that, we layered on a great launch in High Point with the Wesley Mancini collection, plus our hand-knotted Premia collection and sweater-like Dorset are doing great -- we have our hands full. We're really very busy."

Kaleen puts a new spin on classic designs with the hand-tufted wool Helena collection.

Kaleen opens the doors to a totally redesigned Las Vegas showroom expecting even better attendance this year over the 2018 summer market. "We are expecting a busy market as we have changed our market strategy," said Monty Rathi, chief operating officer, Kaleen. "For starters, we have pulled out of the Atlanta Gift Show so that we could focus more of our attention on Las Vegas. The new showroom not only shows off our gorgeous new products, but also reflects a refreshed image of Kaleen.

"We expect our new textured flat weaves to do amazing. They provide customers with a good looking, high-quality affordable rug. A lot of our retailers are looking for higher quality products at reasonable price points."

Momeni adds a series of Memphis-inspired designs in Karl, a new collection by The Novogratz.

"While summer markets tend to have a more laid back traffic pattern, we've seen steady increases in our showroom attendance and expect that trend to continue in Las Vegas," said Reza Momeni president, Momeni Rugs. "Our business is on a steady incline with sales and we anticipate that will continue.

"Buyers consistently seek out new product that capitalizes upon texture for a value-added element for consumers. As far as styles are concerned, we see a continued focus upon florals, Hygge-inspired designs and contemporary abstracts. We're anticipating more interest in designs with a Memphis spin, like those in our Karl collection from The Novogratz."



Nourison emphasizes texture with luxury in the cashmere wool Pretoria mosaic design from Calvin Klein.

Nourison spotlights introductions in both its area rug collections and Mina Victory decorative pillows and accessories. Director of Marketing, Giovanni Marra tells RugNews.com that Nourison is expecting a strong response to the premiering Lustrous Weave collection's muted colors, erased patterns and sheen. 
Also expected to score with buyers are abstract motifs in a variety of weaves from machine made to hand-knotted (such as those in Nourisons's licensed collection with Christopher Guy). Marra says buyers are excited to see a resurgence of luxurious yarns and textures, as well as sophisticated signature colors in upcoming fall additions to the company's partnership with Calvin Klein. 


Strata is a super soft abstract design from Orian's new Nirvana collection.

Orian puts the spotlight on its new partnership with social media sensation Erin Vogenpohl of 'My Texas House' with vignettes throughout its Las Vegas showroom. The company will introduce the Illusions collection this week with a full-blown launch scheduled for High Point this fall. "Las Vegas is a market that is growing for us," explained Brandon Culpepper, chief revenue officer.
"We feel like Vegas is taking up more and more space as the trade show that people tend to gravitate towards."Culpepper said buyers should expect a more curated show that's tied to what's breaking and "what we feel is on trend, fashionable and with-it in the market."


Tayse incorporates pastels into the Wakefield collection's classic designs.

We expect the 2019 Summer Vegas Market to be the best one yet, said Jackie Preavette, director of sales at Tayse. "We are excited to use this market not only to show off our new rugs -- we have worked ceaselessly to stay up to date with designs, color trends, and most importantly listening to our customer's needs in an ever-changing market. While the low-price points and great quality are very much a constant at Tayse, we are continuously working to provide high-end designed products, which is extremely important to us and our buyers.


 Designer Liora Manne continues to grow its popular Marina collection with this new botanical print. 

"Las Vegas is still where we meet most of our larger customers," said Stephen Hoberman, vice president of business development, who noted that the company scored big in Atlanta, where it exhibits in the heavily-trafficked Building 2 Outdoor Living Temporaries (read more).
"At summer markets, we're showcasing all of the new collections in both the indoor and the indoor/outdoor segments, with a focus on high fashion but affordable designs.

"We are particularly excited for our new machine-made collections, and expect them to resonate with buyers. For example, Liora Manne [Trans-Ocean's designer] has created an exceptional hand-knotted look in the machine-made Lotus collection and in the new Hudson collection."

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