Issue Date: 2019 APRIL, Posted On: 4/30/2019

04302019 Couristan's Annual Trend Report Spotlights Fluid Styling
By RugNews.com

Couristan's Annual Trend Report details five design trends offering directional color palettes and the relevant area rugs for each.

FORT LEE, N.J. -- Couristan's Annual Trend Report spotlights five major design trends that are very individualized but built on the common theme of inclusiveness and fluidity.

The company's forecast explores its five trends across 65 pages and offers color palettes based on a selection of Pantone shades. The predictions reveal how today's trends co-exist peacefully and designs from one can move among the others.


Couristan's rug assortment, which has focused on fashion-driven releases over the seasons, is merchandised so that the five trends are further exemplified throughout its lines. A new feature added to this year's report is the use of three colored dots in each trend to reflect key colors. Those dots show up in Couristan's showrooms on rug tags to help buyers shop a trend across collections.


Below are the five major directions explored in Couristan's Trend Report:


Distinct looks and styles come together in perfect harmony in Couristan's "A Study in Contrast."

A marriage of old with new, traditional with modern, avant-garde with the subtle blending contrasting points of view that work effortlessly together, A Study in Contrast is a mashup of different styles. For example, a French Country dining table paired with Eames chairs or a traditional chandelier hanging in a stark modern kitchen.

The Pantone color palette for this trend includes Samba, a cranberry hue; Silver Filigree, Ochre, Fiesta orange, Spruce, Poseidon blue with a Blanc de Blanc white to lighten things up.  

Couristan offers a range of rugs from across collections in A Study in Contrast, including, from left to right, Gypsy, Farrow, Xanadu, Quixote; bottom row, Lima, Easton, Chalet and Afuera.


An updated eco-friendly look, Couristan's By Virtue gives natural looks a sophisticated spin.

Another direction that Couristan explores this year is By Virtue, which reworks popular eco-friendly designs for a more sophisticated finish. The By Virtue trend is grounded in elements of mid-century modern, with a warm and inviting feel

The Pantone color palette for this trend shows subtle hues such as Silver Lining, Almost Mauve, Yellow Pear and Brown Rice and Tofu, with some deeper tones of blue.

Couristan's By Virtue trend features rugs that reflect calm patterns from tribal to textured. From left to right, top row,
 Lima, Revival, Xochi, Clover. Bottom row, Inlet, Nature's Element, Casbah, Cottages.


Global and tribal looks come together in the Bohemian Rhapsody trend.

Bohemian Rhapsody, which mixes offbeat and cool, borrows from tribal, Indian and Moroccan designs and mixes in some hippie-chic for an upbeat expression. Mid-century modern pieces, velvet overstuffed chairs and rustic lighting ground the look, and colors are bold and bright, including deep Celandine yellow, rich reds and darker museum hues of teal, amaranth, and some lighter shades of pale including creamy whites and peach.

Couristan's well-traveled Bohemian Rhapsody trend includes rugs from collections like: from top left, Crawford, Clover, Xochi, Harper; bottom, Xanadu, Sicily, Bromley and Bruges.


Milk+Honey from the Couristan Annual Trend Report blends soft and subtle colors for a chic understated look.

Soft and understated colors create a welcoming backdrop to the Milk+Honey trend from Couristan. It offers a quiet chic that embodies a new kind of neutral, blending the warmth of burnt umber and ruby red with the coolness of Aegean blue and jade.

Couristan's Milk+Honey trend showcases a new kind or neutral. Rug lines that fit the profile are, from top left, Monte Carlo, Easton, Bruges, Chalet. Bottom, Cottages, Serenity, Crawford, Halo


Northern Lite from the Couristan Trend Report reworks the popular Danish cozy Hygge trend.

The popular Hygge trend, inspired by Danish design, evolves with an Eastern influence in Northern Lite. It finds a cozy, joyful beauty in imperfections. Top shades in this look include Classic Blue, Crystal Teal, Asphalt as well as a pale Wrought Iron, Celadon and Whisper White.

Northern Lite rugs are culled from collections, top, from left to right,
 Easton, Everest, Chalet, Cape; bottom row, Bruges, Quixote, Marina, Clinton Hill Shag,

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