Issue Date: 2018 DECEMBER, Posted On: 12/4/2018

12042018 Orian Debuts New Mid-Tier Palmetto Living Brand, Renames Showrooms
By Lisa Vincenti

ANDERSON, N.C. -- In time for winter markets, Orian is launching a new brand called Palmetto Living to better target the needs of furniture stores and specialty business seeking mid-priced goods and is migrating 17 collections to the label, Brandon Culpepper, Orian chief revenue officer, told RugNews.com.

What's more, Orian will rename its Atlanta, Las Vegas and High Point showrooms Palmetto Living to reflect its expanded focus on mid-priced area rugs and feature its new redesigned signage and logo.
"Orian is bringing out a new brand to address the furniture industry and specialty business," Culpepper said, "It is going to be better quality product than what Orian is typically thought of, but the area rugs will still be designed and made in the U.S."
Orian rolled out a number of new fibers and higher end area rugs in 2018 and many of those, including Riverstone, pictured above, will migrate over to the new Palmetto Living label.

Culpepper noted that the Palmetto Living area rugs will branch out in terms of fiber, maybe even adding wool to its product assortment. In fact, in 2018, the company began experimenting with new fibers, such as space-dyed polyester and higher-end products that helped propel the company to a record high (read full story).

"We are not taking anything off the table. We introduced a lot of product to grow Orian last year and it just so happened a lot of that was better quality product using new techniques. It was very well received."

Orian is establishing itself as a sort of "manufacturing arm for major retailers, and we have done a lot of business in the past with big box and mass merchants. But we also have good relationships at furniture stores like Rooms To Go or Nebraska Furniture Mart." The new Palmetto Living brand is designed to fill a need in the market at those types of retailers seeking higher-end product. 

"What we found in the past year is that there is a real need for more of that mid-tier product. So in order to not create confusion, we decided it would be smarter to launch a new brand and bring out some new qualities and maybe even add some imports down the road. It is upscale, but the made in America story will be front and center."

Introduced in 2018, the Cotton Tail collection, Orian's first space-dyed polyester product, became an instant hit and will be carried under the new Palmetto Living brand. Shown, Wild River

While Orian will rebrand its Atlanta, Vegas and High Point showrooms to Palmetto Living, its New York space will continue to carry the Orian name. Orian products will range in price from $99-$299 retail, while, in comparison, Palmetto Living area rugs will run from $299-$699 retail. About 17 existing collections priced at $299 and above will migrate to the Palmetto Living label, Culpepper said, adding that this mid-tier price point has been receiving lots of activity at retail and the company's expanded focus is designed to address that. The company's successful Jennifer Adams licensed program will remain under the Orian name.

"One of the things we will say to market buyers is that everything in the showroom is ready to ship -- or at worst you can get it in 30 days. It's all designed and made in America for the market here, which means you are going to receive quality and service."

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