Issue Date: 2011 MAY, Posted On: 5/2/2011

05022011 Rugnews.com Editorial Creative Classified Ad
By Lissa Wyman
Rugnews.com Editorial:

By Lissa Wyman

I get excited about creativity where-ever I find it. And sometimes it's in the most surprising spots. Today I put up a classified ad that is surely one of the most creative I have ever seen. (Click here to check it out)

The ad placer is offering professional services as an "showroom sitter" in the Atlanta area.  What a brilliant idea to service  one-person operations! After all, no one can hang around the showroom 24/7. You've got to go visit clients, run errands, make buying trips, go to customs, even occasionally get sick or go on vacation.

How nice to know there is a trusted showroom sitter and rug professional available  to see customers, keep the lights on, answer the phones and do other services while you are gone. All on an hourly basis!

Through the years, have often availed myself of cat sitters and office clutter-clearers. These people are real angels, and well worth the money I pay them.

I just love this Showroom Sitter's attitude! When he first communicated with me, he was hesitant. Wanted to know if I thought it was a good idea. I embraced it immediately.

I hope everyone who might be out there looking for a job in this still-tough market  will be inspired by this classified ad. Take a few minutes and think about creative ways YOU can use your skills and provide service to the business.

I am reminded of my dear husband, Bud. WAY back when he was a carpet salesman on the road, things were always  dead during the Christmas season. He went to work for Bamberger's in Newark selling men's shoes. Of course, he was the star. He brought back  valuable lessons on how to to turn those shoe-selling sales skills into rug and carpet sales.

I have a funny feeling that people who are willing to adapt and keep their names and faces out there will be able to get a decent job sooooooon. Maybe it's not what your mommy expected of you, but perhaps you can  find something new that will be even more satisfying. At least your brain will still be turning. And you CAN'T give up. Never.

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