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05312018 Pollack Brings Fabric Magic to Rugs in Jaipur Living Capsule Collection
By Carol Tisch

Introduced at the April 2018 High Point Market, the Pollack Capsule Collection for Jaipur Living translates the textile maker's aesthetic to neutral-toned area rugs emphasizing surface texture.

HIGH POINT -- Jaipur Living's launch of a capsule rug collection with designer textile source Pollack at the recent High Point Market puts the spotlight on the benefits of such collaborations for home furnishings retailers, designers, and consumers.

In the apparel industry, capsule collections are nothing new. Fast-fashion retailer H&M built its name by linking it to the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Jimmy Choo, Versace, and - coming in November, 2018 - Moschino. Target does capsule collections. So do Barney's, Macy's and many more.

Celebrating the debuting area rug line at a spring 2018 High Point Market launch party are Li Kurczewski, Jaipur Living; Rachel Doriss, Pollack; Asha Chaudhary, Jaipur Living; and Susan Whalen, Pollack.

Now Jaipur Living put its own home furnishings spin on the concept with the Pollack capsule line, which not only creates a proprietary look, but brings with it the cachet of a coveted designer source, and exposure to Pollack's elite residential and commercial designer customers. During market, Jaipur also introduced buyers to a second capsule collection by Zio Bios Creative.

In this exclusive interview, RugNews.com discusses the collection with Rachel Doriss, vice president and design director for Pollack, whose passion for fabrics and career trajectory (which belies her youth), make her nothing short of a textile wunderkind.

"Our companies make a good marriage and bring something new to the table." -- Rachel Doriss, VP, design director, Pollack

Q: Tell us a little bit about your background.

RD: From a young age, I have always loved fabric. My grandmother was a weaver and I learned many textile arts from her as a kid. I did a lot of sewing and made my own clothes in high school. I eventually studied textile design at RISD and graduated with a BFA in 1999. I started working at Pollack in 2000 and the rest is history.

Q: How did the collaboration with Jaipur come about?

RD: I met Li Kurczewski [creative director of Jaipur Living] in Santa Fe in the archives of the Museum of International Folk Art. We were both there for a design summit. We hit it off initially because we complimented each other's personal style - the seeds for a collaboration with Jaipur were planted. We realized that our companies could make a good marriage and bring something new to the table.

Q: What was the response to the capsule collection? Which rug was the market hit?

RD: The rugs were equally loved across the board; if I had to say the one was the hit I would say the REP02 Persian hand-knot, which got a lot of attention for its hand-drawn graphic look. And the best-seller so far is the luxuriously textured PLK01.

One of the best-sellers in the new Pollack capsule collection for Jaipur Living, style REP02 is hand-knotted with hand-drawn graphic look.

Q: How, if at all, are the designs related to fabrics by Pollack?

RD: All of the rug patterns originated as Pollack fabric designs. The patterns may look different in rug form, but the spirit of the original artwork has been captured in a different scale and surface.

Q: What are some of the differences between designing for fabrics versus area rugs?

RD: With our fabrics, we are working with over 100 mills from around the world. We are using many different yarns and constructions to create textiles for residential and commercial applications. Because of the nature of these rug designs, we were working with a much narrower toolbox of yarns and constructions. This was a wonderful challenge to see how creative we could be within these boundaries.

Q: What were the design parameters you had to work with?

RD: We had to translate our small scale patterns into much larger graphics to work with the constructions and yarn sizes of Jaipur's rug qualities. It was important to get the scale correct to work on the floor as opposed to upholstery which can take a much smaller graphic. Since the designers at Jaipur are the technical experts, they were the ones who really translated our artwork into interesting relief and luxury surfaces.

The best-selling rug in Jaipur Living's collaboration with Pollack is the luxuriously textured PLK01.

Q: Tell us about the motifs, constructions and color combinations of the rugs?

RD: Using a sophisticated, neutral color palette for this rug collection helped us to achieve nuance of color and really showcase the luxury surfaces. The motifs/ patterns are our in-house creations. We were inspired by textures in nature and used unique hand drawing methods to achieve signature motifs. I like to call these types of patterns "patterned plains". We have used motifs, but really, we are creating all-over surfaces of our hand drawing. The patterns are signature, but they won't overwhelm a space. They are creating a beautiful surface of pattern and texture that won't compete for all of the attention in a room.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration from?

RD: We get our inspiration from many places: Historic textiles, nature, museums, and being free with creating our own artwork. We built the collaboration with Jaipur off of our love of yarns, weave constructions and tactile surfaces. We focused on textures in nature and the magic of hand drawing. We are thrilled to bring this attention to detail to the floor.

Q: How many designs are in your capsule rug collection? What color options and sizes are available?

RD: We launched with six designs at High Point, but we will be adding to the collection and anticipate introducing three to six more designs and colors. All of the rugs are made to order, so they can be made in virtually any size that a designer or client wants. In addition, Jaipur Living will stock each rug in 8 x 10 and 9 x 12 sizes.

Q: What's next for Jaipur and Pollack?
RD: We are working on developing additional designs now and will continue to add to the collection. Just wait!

Rachel Doriss of Pollack, who has presented her CEU entitled, "Textiles 102: Inspiration, Imagination and Interpretation" to design professionals across the country, attracts designers to Jaipur Living's High Point showroom for the popular continuing education course.

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