Issue Date: 2019 OCTOBER, Posted On: 10/8/2019

10082019 Rugs America Launches Streamlined Display System
Rugs America has developed a next-generation POS rack display for its retail clients which displays 20 full size rugs in a new vertical drawer system.
FARMINGDALE, NY -- With strong retail and consumer response to its original POS rack display, Rugs America is unveiling its new vertical drawer system, a sleek update of the company's signature rack.
The latest rack model significantly condenses footprint of the original rack, yet still boasts its consumer-centric utility, the company said. At 19 square feet, the vertical drawer system minimizes the amount of active floor space utilized while optimizing the efficiency of displaying 20 full-sized area rugs. Designed for versatile placement on the retail floor, it offers retailers flexibility in positioning. 
Inspired by the positive consumer reviews of the original rack display, Rugs America was driven to further advance their display technology by streamlining the design and maximizing its cost efficiency. "With a very limited requirement for square footage, retail stores can display area rugs in a sleek, fashion-forward way," comments Aaron Hakimian, president of Rugs America about the need for this newer model. "The fixture is easy to assemble and requires a limited investment from retailers." 
This new display fixture model does not occupy limited and valuable wall space, and can easily be placed mid-floor as an interactive and inviting feature to attract consumers. Hakimian said the racks answer the call for a simple and elegant way for customers to view entire rug designs in their true colors and to feel the plush quality of the displayed items.
Additionally, the sliding feature allows consumers to effortlessly compare designs in the vertical drawer system

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