Issue Date: 2011 MAY, Posted On: 5/10/2011

05102011 World Market Center Launches Rep Rewards Program for Summer Market


LAS VEGAS – World Market Center Las Vegas has launched its Rep Rewards program for Summer 2011 Las Vegas Market, Aug. 1 to 5.

The program is designed to foster a partnership with  sales representatives and their customers and gives manufacturers and independent sales representatives added value and incentive to bring their buyers to the upcoming Las Vegas Market.

“Our industry representatives work hard to bring in new buyers to Las Vegas Market,” said Robert Maricich, chief executive officer of International Market Centers, parent company of World Market Center Las Vegas. “Rep Rewards is a unique way for reps to act as our ambassadors and take more ownership in the success of the show. Rewards are a great way to say thank you for their efforts.”

For every buyer or retail store that meets the qualification criteria, World Market Center Las Vegas will reward the rep with a $50 gift card for each referral (for up to 25 leads) as well enter the rep into the $5,000 Grand Prize Drawing which will be announced at Summer Las Vegas Market. The more referrals a rep brings, the more chances to win the big prize.

During the Winter 2011 Las Vegas Market, World Market Center Las Vegas recognized independent sales representative Carrie Barker of Carrie Barker Sales in Utah with a $5,000 cash Grand Prize as part of that Market’s Rep Reward Program. Barker was randomly selected from dozens of representatives who participated in the Winter 2011 Las Vegas Market Rep Rewards Program.




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