Issue Date: 2019 APRIL, Posted On: 4/22/2019

04222019 Orian Rugs, 40 Years & Growing: Celebrates Anniversary & Reveals Prestigious Ruby Collection

ANDERSON, S.C. -- Orian Rugs, with big plans for continued growth, will host guests from around the globe for a 40th anniversary celebration and offers a sneak preview of the Ruby collection -- its most exquisite area rug collection to date.

"We are deepening our roots in Anderson County," said Rob Merritt, CEO at Orian Rugs. "And just like our state's strong Palmetto tree, we are producing good fruit in the form of both a talented workforce and an incredible, in-demand product. This means Orian is on track to account for 50 percent of North American rug production by our 50th anniversary -- or 50 on 50."

Attendees will join local and regional notables for a 40th anniversary celebration in luxurious, southern style to honor tenured employees. Guests can anticipate a beautiful outdoor banquet, awards ceremony, tours and a sneak preview of the Ruby collection.

Orian Rugs, an Employees-First Company

Merritt leads Orian's dedication to employees saying, "Not only do we want to return our manufacturing facility to full capacity, we want to treat people in such a way that they want to make Orian Rugs a generational workplace."

Kathy Kay, Orian's most tenured employee reflects Merritt's dedication to people and company growth. Kay started with Orian 38-years ago and, when asked why, she said "It was a small company with potential for growth."  During her time with Orian, the company achieved global reach without losing its commitment to the Anderson community. And, when asked what makes Orian Rugs a special place to work, she said without hesitation, "The people. The people here make the company. I have had the chance to work with some of the best. And, thanks to them, I am where I am today! A former boss once said, 'You have an awesome responsibility,' and I have tried to live by those words every day."

It's the dedication of employees like Kathy Kay that makes the Ruby collection so special to Orian. Named for the traditional 40th anniversary gift, the Ruby collection is an outward offering of the superior design, craftsmanship, commitment and friendly service hallmarked by this outstanding company.

"There has to be a reason beyond money to make people walk through the front door," said Brandon Culpepper, chief revenue officer. "We want to be the best employer in Anderson County. That's why we work hard to build a culture of training and success. We want people to want to work at Orian."

Founded in 1979 in Anderson, Orian Rugs is a privately owned, vertically integrated area rug manufacturer with a global presence. Operating from a strong desire to produce fashionable, on-trend rugs with global appeal, the world-class production facility has grown from 50,000 square feet to more than 550,000 square feet in the last 40 years. To learn more about Orian Rugs or employment opportunities, visit online at www.orianrugs.com.

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