Issue Date: 2011 MAY, Posted On: 5/17/2011

05172011 Shaw Floors Launches Facebook Page


DALTON, GA – Shaw Floors has launched its official Facebook page, to enable the company to communicate directly with homeowners in a more personal way, according to Steve Abernathy, Shaw’s director of marketing technology.

The page, which is found at www.facebook.com/shawfloors  or by typing “Shaw Floors” in the Facebook search window, will showcase product information, design tips and company news updates, along with photos and videos from various Shaw events and links to media coverage featuring Shaw products.

“Shaw’s Facebook page is designed to be an ongoing resource for consumers who are interested in learning more about Shaw as well as home décor in general,” said Abernathy. “While our social media communications will center around flooring’s impact on the overall décor of a home, we realize a floor must work with the other elements of a room to create a cohesive look.”

“Consequently, our Facebook posts will discuss everything from paint and cabinetry to furniture and home accessories. We’d like consumers to view Shaw as a Facebook friend they can turn to for product recommendations and design advice,” added Abernathy.

Shaw plans its Facebook page to serve as an interactive community where consumers can share their own design tips and renovation successes with Shaw and with each other. To facilitate the creation of this community, Shaw will invite consumers to respond to specific questions and to post photos of Shaw Floors products in their homes.

“The best part about Shaw having a Facebook page is that we get to converse directly with consumers,” continued Abernathy. “People are very opinionated, and we can’t wait to find out what looks and projects most appeal to our Facebook fans. When designing new products, we scour the world for the latest trends, but you never know, we may find out about a hot, new look from a consumer’s Facebook post now. It’s amazing what technology allows us to do today.” 

While Shaw’s Facebook page is primarily geared toward a consumer audience, the company is encouraging retailers to check out the site as well. Shaw asks that all retailers who post on the Shaw Floors Facebook page identify themselves as a flooring retailer, so consumers will clearly understand who is providing them with information. 

Shaw Industries is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. 




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