Issue Date: 2011 MAY, Posted On: 5/10/2011

05092011 Dormify Launches Home Furnishings Website Geared To College Students


ROCKVILLE, MD – Dormify, a college dorm room design company, has launched a new website geared towards college students. The site makes dorm products more accessible as well as serves as a design inspiration tool, according to Karen Zuckerman, chief executive officer and chief creative officer of Dormify and Hirshorn Zuckerman Design Group.

Dormify.com features its own line of bedding, wall decals, storage solutions, and  mix-and- match prints for the wall. The website also stocks a variety of products from over 15 design companies, including Dwell Studios, Jonathan Adler, Alexandra Ferguson, and Blissliving Home.

Dormify offers a gift registry for soon-to-be grads, a wish list tool for design enthusiasts and a blog providing interior design tips and tricks from college students themselves.

“Incoming college freshman care what their dorm room looks like. Many are leaving the comfort they’ve grown up in to arrive at a cramped, sterile room that lacks any individual character,” said Zuckerman. “At a stage in their lives when individuality is being established, college students crave the ability to customize and style their surroundings to fit their personality. We hope Dormify gives them the opportunity to achieve this.”




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