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07092019 Jaipur Living's Custom Size Rug Business on Growth Trajectory; Program Heads to Atlanta Market
By RugNews.com Editors

Buyers and designers shopping Atlanta Market were able to view a display of Jaipur Living's Custom Size Rug Program capabilities.

ATLANTA -- Building on the success of its custom size rug presentation at spring High Point Market, Jaipur Living displays custom rugs in the growing program at its AmericasMart showroom, B1 12-F9, at the summer Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market -- along with lots of new area rug introductions.

The company's custom business has increased substantially over the past year, and as Jaipur Living continues to capture market share in the interior designer segment, custom is expected to grow even further. "I foresee our custom business to double by next year," said Nitesh Chaudhary, Director of Innovation, Supply Chain & Technology at Jaipur Living.
One Size Does Not Fit All 

 Jaipur Living Custom Size Rug Program includes this sprawling hand-knotted Project Error collection rug.

He attributes the program's success to the realization that 'one size doesn't fit all'. "Our goal is to provide to our customers exactly what they are looking for within a reasonable timeframe. We are working hard on improving the custom program every day and will be providing options to choose custom materials and colors in near future."

Calling attention to the program, an impressive display and contest held at High Point in April invited market shoppers to guess the size of a huge Yasmin collection custom rug for the chance to win a Google Home Hub. The prize went to Sallie Kjos, CEO and lead interior designer of GreyHunt Interiors in South Riding, Virginia, whose guess was closest to the actual size of 11'10" by 26'3". Jaipur Living is planning a custom rug vignette in Atlanta to keep the momentum going.

"The vignette highlighting custom rugs in High Point contributed to the program's increased popularity," according to Teresa Roberts, Jaipur Living's director of national sales. "We had the strongest month Jaipur Living has ever experienced in terms of custom booking, in the month of May." Roberts said. "Part of that we attribute to High Point."
New Size/Timeline Calculator 


Designers can order the hand-knotted Project Error by Kavi rugs (above) using Jaipur Living's online custom rug calculator. The calculator indicates the maximum width length for each quality, in this case sizes are offered up to 22' x 60'.

Chaudhary and Roberts both report significant growth in custom orders since the addition of a custom calculator to the company's website. "The response has been great; the customers love it," Chaudhary said. "They are able to get pricing and timeline for a custom rug within seconds. Earlier they needed to either call us or email us the request, and we responded within 24 hours. With the custom calculator the customer has that information at their disposal."

Custom Program Offerings

"As soon as the custom rug calculator was launched on the website in 2018, Jaipur's sales teams began educating our customers on how to use it," Roberts said. "They love it because they can quote the price and delivery time right there for their customers.  They don't have to stall the transaction by calling Jaipur Living's customer service department for a price quote."

More than 600 unique high quality rugs can now be customized in the Jaipur Living catalog. In addition, the turnaround time for over 40 rugs was shortened earlier this year to less than 13 weeks. More than 20 rugs are available in nine weeks or less, and six rugs are available in three weeks. The most dramatic reduction comes in custom larger sizes, which used to take up to 25 weeks on certain orders. These can now be processed in nine weeks.

Made to Order solid color collections by Jaipur Living include Elements and Britta, which will be delivered in three weeks up to size 13'1" x 22'9". Additional solid color lines Konstrukt, Basis and Yasmin, will be available in 8 to 10 weeks in sizes up to 13'9" x 22'9".

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