Issue Date: 2019 MAY, Posted On: 5/15/2019

05152019 6th Domotex Turkey Hosts International Carpet Industry in Gaziantep

Visitors from 89 countries attended Domotex Turkey in April 2019, and had the opportunity to see 200 exhibitors from 14 countries.

ISTANBUL, Turkey -- Held for the sixth time in Gaziantep from April 27-30, 2019, Domotex Turkey has once again underscored its status as Eurasia's leading trade show for the carpet and floor coverings sectors.
The show generated high interest from international brands, attracting more than 200 exhibitor firms from 14 countries and over 14,000 visitors from 89 countries. Organized by Deutsche Messe subsidiary Hannover Fairs Turkey in partnership with the Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce, the Southeastern Anatolia Carpet Exporters Union and the Gaziantep Chamber of Carpet Producers and Weavers, the show was attended by an international delegation of buyers from a broad array of countries ranging from Russia to South Africa.

Domotex Turkey has once again proven itself as a highly successful showcase for the carpet and floor coverings industries of Turkey and the Middle East. Hannover Fairs Turkey Deputy General Manager Belkis Ertaskin commented: "Following on from the Domotex shows in Germany, USA and China, this year's Domotex Turkey show brought the world's carpet professionals to Gaziantep. The show has achieved a steady increase in exhibitor and visitor numbers over the years, and is a strong magnet for international buyer delegations from leading flooring companies and the Turkish business community."

Domotex Turkey is a showcase for the carpet and floor coverings industries of Turkey and the Middle East.

The success of Domotex Turkey also contributes significantly to both the local Gaziantep economy and the Turkish carpet sector. Ertaskin: "The show facilitated contact and dialogue between the Turkish carpet sector and its target markets. It brought exhibitor firms from many countries besides Turkey to Gaziantep, among them the U.S., China, Denmark, Indonesia, France, India, UK, Iran, Poland, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan and Jordan. This year, Domotex Turkey has once again strengthened its position as a flagship show and key international gathering for the carpet sector by facilitating major business deals sure to carry the sector towards its export targets. We are proud to be a part of this success."

Visitor turnout grew a record-breaking 20 percent at Domotex Turkey, held in April 2019.

Deutsche Messe's Global Domotex Director, Sonia Wedell-Castellano, added, "The parent Domotex in Hannover, Germany, has gone from strength to strength over the past 30-plus years, and is now a brand of global renown. Alongside our show in Germany, we now stage Domotex events in Turkey and China as well as in the U.S., and with Domotex Mexico to be launched this October. Needless to say, Domotex Turkey has played an important role in this global success. We are taking various steps both domestically and internationally to grow Domotex Turkey's reputation as a flagship fair appealing not only to target audiences throughout Eurasia, but also from around the world. An important part of our vision for Domotex Turkey is to optimally position the Turkish carpet manufacturing industry's innovative products in an international showcase, thereby enabling the industry to keep export volumes high."

Domotex Turkey 2019 enabled Turkish and international exhibitors to build on their existing relationships in the international markets and to establish relationships with new countries and buyers. As part of the International Buyer Delegation Program organized with the support of the Turkish Ministry of Trade, foreign delegations visited the show and held bilateral business negotiations throughout the four-day period with the intention of signing off on new partnership deals with exhibitors

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