Issue Date: 2011 MAY, Posted On: 5/12/2011

05122011 Rugnews.com Editorial: Happy 90th Birthday, Bud Wyman
By Lissa Wyman

O.A. (Bud) Wyman


By Lissa Wyman

NEW YORK -- On Friday, May 13, 2011, O.A. (Bud) Wyman celebrates his 90th birthday. He devoted over 60 years to the floor covering industry. He has not only survived, he has prevailed.

I am happy to report that Bud is very fit, both mentally and physically. A couple times a week, he lunches at his club where he talks about current affairs with gentlemen friends. Sometimes his son, Nick, joins him there. When he is not at the club, he is walking the city, often taking in the latest exhibits at the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. At home, he reads The New York Times every day, and keeps up with the world via several weekly news magazines and extremely boring television news shows.

He uses his I-Pad every day, and he has finally learned how to use Google. He also loves to receive e-mail (oawyman@aol.com) But he hasn't figured out how to answer it yet. ED NOTE: This is a broad hint. He would love to hear from all his friends. But you won't hear back from him.We thank you in advance for your kind thoughts.

Sometimes, Bud has been known to sneak on to www.rugnews.com to see what's going on in the industry. He likes to come to Las Vegas Market as my assistant, when he can catch up with all his industry friends. He will be there with me in August, of course!

Bud had a very long, full career in the floor covering business. He had a LOT of ups and downs, but he never lost his spirit. He always hoped for the best, but was prepared for the worst. (That's one of the many business axioms he has passed on to me.)

 Every once in a while, Bud says he shouldn't have retired so early (he was 82). But I think that 95% of the time, he loves the freedom of retirement. He especially loves roaming the streets of New York.

This weekend, ALL of Bud's five children (ranging in age from 45 to 68),  their spouses and many of Bud's grandchildren (ranging in age from 1  to 46)  will gather in New York for a  two-day family celebration.

Bud has been the love of my life since I first set eyes on him in July, 1970. I still remember how he looked that day. Curly gray hair covering his earlobes, a wide red tie and a pin-striped, double-breasted suit with bell-bottomed trousers. Oh yes, he had a huge blue and white silk handkerchief flopping out of his breast pocket. I was wearing a curly red Little Orphan Annie wig, false eyelashes, and hot pants. We were quite a pair.

I guess we still are.

Bud and Lissa Wyman



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