Issue Date: 2010 APRIL, Posted On: 4/6/2010

04062010 Lavender Oriental Carpet to Show in High Point


NEW YORK  -- Lavender Oriental Carpets, a wholesaler to the trade of antique rugs, tapestries, and reproductions  will participate in the April High Point Furniture Market, April 17 to 23.

This year also marks the company's  30th Anniversary in the  antique rug industry, according to Lida Lavender, president.

In addition to antique rugs, Lavender will also show antique tapestries and  reproduction rugs designed by Lida  Lavender with her select partners. "The goal of Lavender Oriental Carpets is to bring the finest products in the market to the design client, and make the selection process a simple and pleasurable experience," she said.

Lavender Oriental Carpets will have an informal “open house” on Friday April 16 at the company's showroom in the Market Square Suites,  M-1033 between 2:30 and 6:00 pm.

 First established in London, Lavender opened its New York City gallery in 2004.


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