Issue Date: 2017 NOVEMBER, Posted On: 11/24/2017

11242017 Shaw Industries' Anderson and Tuftex Unite to Sell Hardwood, Rugs & Carpet under New Brand


DALTON, Ga. -- Shaw Industries plans to merge its two brands Anderson Hardwood Floors and Tuftex Carpets of California into one premium label called Anderson Tuftex effective Jan. 1, 2018.

"The entire consumer journey is changing and has been for quite some time. Consumers are finding inspiration everywhere and are more directly connected with brands than ever before," said Carrie Edwards Isaac, vice president, Anderson Tuftex. "But, purchasing flooring is complicated and consumers feel pressured to get it right. At Anderson Tuftex, it's about simplicity. We don't want to overwhelm consumers with options but, rather, craft intentional designs that serve as a canvas for their lives."

Anderson Tuftex will take a holistic and consumer-centric approach to marketing and product development in an effort to meet consumer demands for a simplified shopping experience both in-store and online. To that end, Anderson Tuftex's mission is to offer timeless products and provide exceptional service to address the needs of today's premium flooring market.

The new company will be showcased at Shaw Connect 2018 winter markets and will unveil the new premium brand at Surfaces in Las Vegas. The future of these two legacy brands will focus on their new, collective brand identity by working with their valued retail partners to drive premium floorcovering sales. 

 "We're committed to elevating the discussion with our customers and providing them with a beautiful product mix that they're eager to sell," noted Trey Thames, vice president of sales, Anderson Tuftex. "By offering bold, yet timeless patterns and foundational colors in both hard and soft surface flooring products, we're empowering our customers to create a seamless shopping experience for consumers."

Anderson Tuftex is designing and producing hardwood, carpet and rugs that allow retailers to offer consumers looks ranging from refined to rustic, with handcrafted products. The company has many additional prospects on the horizon, with several new styles making their debut in 2018.

"I am excited about the momentum around this new premium floorcovering brand and our ability to inspire discerning consumers by creating a meaningful experience," added Tim Baucom, executive vice president, residential business. "The timing is perfect with the increased sophistication of today's consumer and her desire for a brand like Anderson Tuftex that offers transparency and authenticity."

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