Issue Date: 2017 FEBRUARY, Posted On: 2/7/2017

02072017 Obeetee & Top Indian Fashion Designer Launch Exclusive Rug Collection at ABC Carpet
By Lisa Vincenti

Obeetee's Rudra Chatterjee, right, unveils the first collection of a new 'Proud to Be Indian' program alongside celebrated Indian fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani, at ABC Carpet & Home.

NEW YORK -- Handmade rug maker Obeetee introduced the first area rug collection by renowned Indian bridal and fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani at ABC Carpet & Home with a launch party hosted on Feb. 7 at the retailer's iconic sixth floor area rug department.

The limited-edition works by Tahiliani (his first for the home) bring his nostalgic take on tradition to life in the three collections he created for Obeetee. With approximately 100 numbered area rugs available for purchase -- each supplied with a signed certificate of authenticity -- the Tahiliani collection serves as a documenting of classic Indian patterns and motifs, Tahiliani told RugNews.com in an interview at ABC Carpet's New York City store. What's more, he continued, the meticulous area rugs, which take three weavers one year to make, elevate the craft of rug making to the prized levels of the past.

The debut rug collection by Indian fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani for Obeetee is meticulously crafted.

The collaboration with Tahiliani is part of an Obeetee campaign called "Proud To Be Indian" -- an initiative to translate the nation's colorful tapestry of designs and artistry into a modern Indian context. The program will create a range of area rugs designed by some the country's most celebrated designers, who will be charged with reinventing the loom, according to Obeetee. And Tahiliani's works lead the way.

Tahiliani's sumptous designs, which employ techniques more commonly used in apparel designs such as saddle stitching, bead work and embroidery, feature a rich patina of subtle colors with an effect that seems worn by time. The rugs, according to Rudra Chatterjee, Obeetee chairman, are part of a company effort to revive India's rich tradition of skilled craftsmanship. Rugs range in price from between $10,000-$25,000.

For his "Proud to be Indian" collection he settled on three themes inspired by his own abstract paintings, Chikankari embroidery and the antique frames of prized Mughal miniature paintings.

Indian Fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani used the frames of 16th century Miniature paintings, above and below, as inspiration for some designs in his limited-edition collection by Obeetee launched at ABC Carpet.

The result includes six designs in each collection. Rhajistani Miniature Paintings rug designs, which carries a time-worn look, are based on the elaborate frames used for the popular 16th century art style introduced by the Mughals. For his Lucknowi Chikankari collection, Tahiliani, who was the first Indian designer showcased at Milan Fashion Week, reworks delicate floral patterns inspired by a traditional embroidery style from Lucknow, India, and recasts them as geometric lines.

Bridal fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani reinvents Lucknavi Chikankari, traditional Indian embroidery, for not only his gowns but also for his new Obeetee collection launched at ABC Carpet. The technique is pictured in the gown and area rug on the wall, as well as in detail below.

And for his finale rug collection, called Original Abstract Art, Tahiliani takes a more personal turn and features designs based on his original artwork.

Fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani's new collection for Obeetee debuting at ABC Carpet & Home includes designs that recast his original abstract art for the floor (shown in rug hanging on wall above).
Tahiliani and  Chatterjee introduced guests to the collection at the ABC launch party, for which models wore apparel created by Tahiliani. 

Indian fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani and Obeetee chairman Rudra Chatterjee officiated at the launch party of the designer's new limited edition area rug collection by Obeetee. Below, Tahiliani's apparel  was worn by models during the launch party.

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