Issue Date: 2017 OCTOBER, Posted On: 10/7/2017

10072017 High Point Market’s MyMarket App Update Includes Two New Features for Fall Market 2017

High Point, N.C. -- The High Point Market Authority's award-winning MyMarket app, which made its debut right before the April 2016 market, has released a new update that includes two new features to further enhance its offerings to High Point Market attendees.

The first new feature allows users with a MyMarket profile to organize their selected showrooms into a day-by-day listing. This scheduling feature will help users plan their daily itineraries by not only listing events which they've starred but now also exhibitors too. This feature appears as a clock icon next to each exhibitor's name, and then the day-by-day listing can be accessed by clicking on "My Schedule" within the MyMarket section of the app.
"We know most buyers come to Market with either a list of scheduled showroom appointments or, at the very least, a list of showrooms they want to visit each day," commented Tom Conley, president and CEO of the High Point Market Authority. "This feature will allow them to keep that list conveniently within our app, which they're likely using anyways to look up exhibitor or event information or for the indoor or outdoor mapping features."
The second new feature allows users to share exhibitor selections effortlessly straight from their mobile device. Within an exhibitor listing, a user simply needs to click on the share icon at the top in order to share the profile via email, text message or social media. 
"We envision this sharing feature being really useful for teams working together to tackle market, or for a buyer who came to Market alone but wants to share a great showroom they've discovered with the team back home," commented Conley. "With just one simple click, a user can easily send the profile to whomever may need it. If the recipient has the app as well, the profile will open in their app. And if they don't, the profile will open on our mobile website, quickly sharing pertinent exhibitor details."
In addition to these new features, the app also offers a plethora of other options, such as an exhibitor profile search, the online event calendar, outdoor GPS mapping for all showrooms in the 13-block Market District, indoor mapping for showrooms within select multi-tenant buildings, seamless syncing with the desktop version of MyMarket as well as access to all MyMarket features, and an "About" section with general Market info an attendee may need.
Earlier this year, the MyMarket app was named as the winner of the Cool Innovation Blue Diamond Award at the 23rd Annual Blue Diamond Awards held in April in Charlotte, NC. It is currently available for download in the Apple Store, for use on iPads and iPhones during Fall Market. A user's guide and comprehensive outline of the app's features can be found at http://www.highpointmarket.org/tips-and-insights/my-market-app. Fall Market is set to open on Saturday, October 14, and will run through Wednesday, October 18.

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