Issue Date: 2010 JANUARY, Posted On: 1/5/2010

12302009 Renaissance to Introduce New Modern Collection
By Lissa Wyman


Initial group of samples in the
Renaissance Modern collection

By Lissa Wyman


NEW YORK -- Renaissance Carpet & Tapestries is expanding into the domain of contemporary design with the introduction of the Renaissance Modern collection.

Renaissance is initially showcasing approximately 50 designs in its new Modern collection. The rugs are made in Nepal in combinations of wool, silk and soy protein fiber using Tibetan weave construction. Both stock and custom colors, shapes and sizes will be available.  Wholesale prices are in the $28 to $38 per ft. range. Delivery for a 9x12 rug is approximately 4-5 months for backorders and custom pieces after sample approval.

The company is also offering an extensive repertoire of hand made artwork in new Contemporary designs for custom orders, as well as some new designs inspired by archives of French textiles from Art Nouveau and Art Moderne periods of the 1920's and 1930's.

Long known as a resource for opulent Aubussons, Savonneries and Tapestries in addition to Persian, Indian & Chinese designs, the company is now making a major commitment to the luxury market for modern design.


Target customers are 40 to 50 year-old professionals who have made a major home purchase. "They have become established in their business and family life, they are no longer transient. They are looking for decorative products that reflect their interest in modern art and design," Soleimani explained.


"Because Renaissance Modern is a completely new endeavor for us, we also explored new approaches for sourcing designs," said  Soleimani.

"We were looking for fresh ideas that were urban and sophisticated, so we sought out young edgy urban artists who had no preconceived ideas about what a rug should be."


The Renaissance Modern Collection will begin to be introduced during the Atlanta International Rug Market, said Soleimani.

 "We are making a commitment to the contemporary business and this is just the beginning of a program we hope will become a major growth area for us," he explained.


" In the future, we hope to broaden the scope of this category with new price points and designs. We also think it provides new opportunities for us in the hospitality field as well as new alliances with luxury contemporary furniture makers."


Soleimani stressed that the company's long-standing partnerships in core products will not change.   "The Modern Collection represents expansion into new territory while we continue our long-standing commitment to traditional designs and weaves," he said.


The Renaissance Modern Collection will be shown at the Renaissance Atlanta Showroom, suite 5-E-15 during the upcoming International Rug Market, Jan. 7 to 11, 2010.



New Renaissance Modern rug serves as a backdrop for
modern luxury furniture.




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