Issue Date: 2018 JANUARY, Posted On: 1/6/2018

01052018 Feizy Unveils New HQ and Distribution Center, Expands Dallas World Trade Center Showroom
By Carol Tisch & Lisa Vincenti

Feizy has moved to a new Dallas-area facility, triple the size of its former HQ, to accommodate sales growth and future expansion.

DALLAS -- Citing growth in sales across all channels and an expanded employee base, Feizy Rugs has relocated to a larger headquarters and distribution center, and is expanding its Dallas World Trade Center showroom (Suite 102) by 2,700 feet, as the company readies for its 45th anniversary celebrations at the upcoming Dallas and Las Vegas Markets.

The new corporate facility, based in nearby Farmers Branch in a former IBM call center, has been expanded by 50,000 feet and completely renovated. The facility totals nearly 225,000 square feet and boosts Feizy's warehouse space by 30 percent to 140,000 square feet, not counting the building's tremendous capacity for additional vertical storage.

Feizy principals, John Feizy, Cameron Feizy and Leah Feizy, pose with newly-appointed president Michael Riley among stacks of the company's running line and one of a kind rugs.

Indeed, Feizy has been on the move throughout 2017. Last January, the company unveiled an expansive new showroom at Las Vegas World Market Center in a prime location in the main lobby of Building C (C-180) (read full story). On the heels of its new headquarters move last summer, Feizy relocated to a new and larger space in suite 204-205 at 230 Fifth Ave. in time for the September New York Home Fashions Market (read more), and the company took a second showroom at October's High Point Market to present its growing assortment of one of a kind rugs (read more).

The family-owned Feizy Rugs, which added 30 new employees in 2017, has recorded year over year double digit growth in sales.  Late last year, industry veteran Michael J. Riley joined the company. "With new sales leadership in place and a strategically expanded business to better serve customers by differentiating our products and services by customer segment or channel, Feizy's year-over-year sales growth has been strong," Cameron Feizy explained.

Above and below, the expanded and renovated space features stacks of Feizy's one of a kind rugs and its entire running line.

On the first floor, Feizy has placed stacks of one-of-a-kind rugs on the floor, and also displays the company's entire running line. The second floor includes the office space, with plenty of room to grow, four conference rooms, two break rooms, an in-house print room, a gym and separate spaces for our customer service and accounting departments.

The building is an open plan layout, with a contemporary lobby and several offices for management. White and bright, the environment is designed to foster open communication across the entire team.

Founder John Feizy presides over a meeting in his new office suite. From left: Mike Riley, Cameron Feizy, John Feizy and Leah Feizy.

Feizy's new headquarters iS housed in a former IBM call center, which the rug company has completely renovated and expanded to open up the space.

The new Feizy warehouse in the Farmers Branch suburb of Dallas grows capacity by 30 percent to 140,000 square feet.

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