At Couristan: Steve Codella, vice president of Couristan; Kathy Leffler, exececutive vice president of Home Decorators Collection, St. Louis; Ron Couri, president and ceo of Couristan; Gil Kemp, president and chief merchant for Home Decorators, and Michelle Wiegmann, merchandise buyer for Home Decorators.

Audrey Dunham and Jamie Carrey of BuyRugsDirect.com, Sudbury, MA, with Christy Arnault, sales manager for Harounian Rugs International.

Allen Anderson of the Anderson Home Furnishings retail complex in Hattiseburg, MS, with Tony Spears, Hellenic rep in the Rocky Mountain area.

Roy Evans, sales manager for Feizy Rug Imports; John Feizy, owner and ceo of Feizy and Nader Emami, who recently resigned from Feizy (but can't stay away). We asked Nader what he's planning to do now. "I'm going to Disneyland!" he said.

Laurie Buelow of Interiors with Attitude in Steamboat Springs, CO, with Marc Becker,Noonoo sales rep extraordinaire (he told us to say that).

Becky Akers of Downey's Rug in Portland, ME is surrounded by Kipp Livingston  and Wendy Noyes of Concord Imports, the New England sales agency

Paolo Pegorari and Marco Rossi of Radici USA

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